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  1. Glenna Marie

    Glenna Marie New Member

    How do I go about doing that. what plugin should I use
  2. Jessy Marko

    Jessy Marko Member

    woocommerce is plugin itself and great choice :)

    Simple way for you is to put one glass (red) as one product, green glass should be as another etc...
  3. Raya

    Raya New Member

    First I have to say your video tutorials are very easy to follow and most informative

    I am trying to help a friend who belongs to a non profit organization switch their old HTML based site to WordPress but she has to follow a set design including colour scheme and layout and nothing I have tried lets me convert it without getting really messed up.
    I design company logos and do graphic projects for bands and such, I designed a few HTML sites like 5 years ago, so this WordPress thing is all new to me but I want to help out.
    I have been searching Google and YouTube trying to find a way of importing this webpage to WordPress but all I get are a bunch of sites that seem to offer info only to then ask for money.
    Is there a simple way of taking a preexisting site and switching it over to the more user friendly WordPress? If so could you please let me know or maybe direct me to some site that has a tutorial or even better, a plugin that can do the job.

    Thanks for any info
  4. David Sisolak

    David Sisolak New Member

    Tyler...I do a lot of research before tackling a new endeavor and when I came across your tutorial it open the door wide open. I was not quite happy with the theme that was on the tutorial because it lacked a few features I needed. I did find a theme from Photcrati that fit the bill, however I am hesitant because it is not the one you recommended and I intend on using 2 computers when creating my website this weekend. One to watch your step by step tutorial and one to actually create the site. By using the Photocrati theme will I run into any issues?
  5. In my experience, the easiest way to convert a HTML site to WordPress is to adapt the Woo Canvas theme to look like the html site. It's amazing what you can do with Woo Canvas
  6. Manny Cepeda

    Manny Cepeda New Member

    Hi Tyler, I've joined your forum. I watch the tutorial on making your first blog! I loved it. My question (request), is how would I link from my static website to the blog (WordPress), and from the blog back to my website. I want to add a new navigation button in my site that will take my fans to the blog. Regards, Manny
  7. Manny Cepeda

    Manny Cepeda New Member

    Thanks. I've created the thread and post it.

  8. Aref

    Aref New Member

    Hello there!
    I just wanted to ask that are you suggesting WordPress for everyone who wants to make a website? And are all your tutorials based on WordPress?
  9. alma

    alma New Member

    Hi Tyler! Thank you for helping me build my website via your youtube video-and that 25% discount was a plus!!! However, I'm having a bit of trouble...I decided to go with a different theme other than the one you used in the video, but i'm still not satisfied. i'd like to go with a theme that has a stationary background even when you click on a diff page. to give you an idea of what I mean, go to www.myfatisnotaflaw.com . How do I find out what theme is used on that site?
    My website is www.missalma.com and I just feel that it's so boring!
    I also want to know: how to change the font colors, link colors, how to add links to my amazon author page and createspace account and how to set up a subscribe me list, plz.
    Thank you!
    Miss Alma
  10. Manny Cepeda

    Manny Cepeda New Member

    Hi Miss Alma,
    Sounds to me all you basically need is a slider gallery to your background. I believe there is a plugging for that.
    Hope that helps,
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  11. chua kian huat

    chua kian huat New Member

    My name is Chua . I'm an factory workers living in Malaysia , im trying to get the new opportunity bussiness in online
    I've been following you for some time and I think you're doing a fine job with all your hard work. It's of great value and help to many people including me. I'm really glad you started this forum to help each other out. I plan on being a regular here!
    Keep up the good work Tyler , I have watch your tutorial many times , anyway Im now just starting on AFFLIATE to make an campaign , but im really don't know where I have to start .
    I have zero experiences in making a good blogs and don't know how to create my website too .
    I don't know also how I can get the commission from ONLINE . May you give a suggestion to solve HOW and WHAT to do for my blogs anyway .
    Im already get the HOSTING and have a my own DOMAIN / WEBSITE , but still ZERO . May help me out for this things .
  12. freeflyer

    freeflyer Active Member

    Hi Chua and welcome.

    What do you manufacture at work? Can you turn this knowledge/experience into a saleable item/product/service? Can you promote this product on-line?

    What hobbies or interests do you have? Can these be turned into a saleable item/product/service?

    Do you have experience or knowledge in any area that could be useful to others and could be turned into a saleable item/product/service?

    Do you have family members or friends that have any of the above that you could work with as partners and mould into a saleable item/product/service?

    Malaysia is a beautiful part of the world with many things on offer to the traveller and adventure seeker. This could be an avenue for you to follow?

    Do you know anything about tourist type tours, scuba diving, skydiving and sightseeing etc?

    Could you be a personal guide?

    Perhaps promote accommodation etc?

    Could you write a blog about the 'hidden Malaysia' that tourists don't get to see and should etc?

    Plenty of areas to investigate and produce a niche from.

    Good luck Chua.

  13. Toto

    Toto New Member

    I was just wondering in you made this forum with wordpress. I'm trying out phpbb but I find it a little on the difficult side.

  14. mange93

    mange93 New Member

    I got wordpress with Avada theme but i dont know how to change language on text when people want to buy things they click on ad to cart, i want it in swedish :D only gonna sell to people in sweden so dont want english, cuss older people think it might be someone in USA or so that scams them :) plz help! :)
  15. Fathimath Brigden

    Fathimath Brigden New Member

    I am still waiting for a response about my website www.fabgiftsjewellery.biz. I'm having trouble with the cart & check out page.
  16. Fathimath Brigden

    Fathimath Brigden New Member

    I am still waiting for a response about my website www.fabgiftsjewellery.biz. I'm having trouble with the cart & check out page.
  17. freeflyer

    freeflyer Active Member

    Can you be a little more specific?
  18. alma

    alma New Member

    Thank You!

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